My interest in World War One began when I was about ten years old.  I read and reread a series of books that belonged to my father.  Some of the titles were: "The Boy Allies In The Trenches, "The Boy Allies At Verdun", and "The Boy Allies With The Cossacks".  The "boys" were two American teenagers who seemed to be at every place of importance during the European conflagration called "The Great War".  Though slanted to the allied cause of Great Britain, France and Russia the narrative was fairly accurate.  I loved those books and have continued to read more scholarly works written about that terrible struggle.

I have, in recent years, been able to visit World War One battlefields at Flanders in Belgium, as well as those in around Verdun in Northern France.  There are many monuments, and vast burial grounds, but the areas have not been memorialized like Gettysburgh in Pennsylvania.  It was helpful to have guides that could point out trenches, dugouts, and shell craters

Originally the conflict was called "The Great War", but was relegated to being called "World War One" when Germany, Italy and Japan plunged much of the world into "World War Two".  Historians know that they were really the same war with a brief time-out.

World War One had the British, French and Russian empires (the allies) opposing the empires of Germany and Austria-Hungary (the central powers).  Other countries, including America, Italy and The Ottoman Empire, would enter the war, but the primary effort and the greatest losses would be sustained by the first five.

An Armistice was signed on November 11, 1918, effectively ending hostilities.  By that time Russia was out of the war, and Austria-Hungary had begun to break up into smaller countries.  Though the allies were victorious, a myth began to grow, in Germany, that they had not really been defeated, but had been undermined by subversive elements.  The seeds of The Second World War were sown early. 

In World War Two the first three plus a fully engaged America fought for and achieved total victory and unconditional surrender against Germany, Italy and Japan.

During both wars posters were used extensively to promote patriotism, recruiting and civilian participation.  Please visit my WORLD WAR ONE POSTERS, WORLD WAR TWO POSTERS, MILITARY and NAVY galleries.   

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